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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another List?? How About A Less Recognized/ Less is More ... List

Trying to come up with any "best of" lists can be a mug's game, and there are more than enough rankings of "greatest" or "best" rock/ metal/ jazz/ session drummers out there, with many comments for and against those on each list,  that I wonder about even doing another one. I started thinking about this again this morning, though, since it is Charlie Watts' birthday. I wanted to try to identify those drummers that fit into the "less is more", "in the pocket", or less recognized categories that I've always enjoyed listening to. Most are still drumming away. Here goes (in no particular order):

(1) Charlie Watts (it's his 70th birthday so I will put him at the top)
(2) Stan Lynch - Tom Petty's drummer for years
(3) Larry Mullen Jr. (U2)
(4) Jimmy Chamberlin
(5) Ringo (can't leave him off)
(6) Matt Cameron
(7) Jerry Mercer (April Wine)
(8) Steve Gorman (Black Crowes)
(9) Phil Selway (Radiohead)
(10) Garry Peterson (The Guess Who)
(11) Phil Rudd (though he does seem to be recognized more and more given AC/DC's enduring success)
(12) Frank Beard (ZZ Top)
(13) Steve Jansen (Japan)
(14) Paul Thompson (Roxy Music)
(15) Micky Waller (Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart)

Well that's a start. Thoughts?

(PS yes I'm also a big fan of Peart, Paice, Chad Smith, ...)