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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ash Stave Shell Snare - 5 x 14

Finished this one up today. This was a 5/8 " thick ash stave shell I picked up in a trade with some other shells and equipment. It had been untouched (apart from a urethane finish on the outside) as it was being used in a free floating snare. I took off the urethane and gave it a few coats of tung oil, inside and out. Installed aluminum single point lugs from Champagne Drums and a Pearl style Gladstone throwoff (from - they're an excellent source of parts), and "S" hoops (I quite like these hoops - they have some heft and firmness to them, almost like a die cast rim, compared to triple flange hoops, but are available for a really reasonable price, only a little more than the cost of triple flanges). I was a little concerned when I started this build as the shell diameter was slightly undersized, but the drum turned out great.

Update - sold and off to a good home July 23, 2011. 

I also reassembled a Pearl Export snare today that I picked up from someone's garage recently. Bought a new throwoff, heads, and snare wire for it, and it's as good as new ...

I have a number of other projects on the go that I hope to be finishing over the next month, as time (and funds) permits. I'll have a couple of Keller shell snares that I've wrapped with a gorgeous turquoise satin flame, and another Keller with a mint ripple wrap. Also I may start a solid shell maple from Vaughncraft soon - I have a nice peacock abalone wrap set aside for that.

Friday, July 8, 2011

7 x 14 Carbon Fibre Snare

I recently purchased this shell, with hardware installed, from Tim McKenzie in the U.S, added heads, die cast rims (for now), and some high quality Pearl snare wires, and have been playing it quite a bit. Really like the sound - woody without the weight (the drum is incredibly light). It's a 7 x 14 carbon fibre snare with "micro Beavertail" lugs and  a repro 3 point strainer from

1983 Tama ImperialStar Steel Snare

My most recent acquisition - a 1983 Tama Imperialstar snare, 6.5x14. Over 12.5 pounds of steel. The key (really, the only) difference between this snare and the KingBeats I have is this has a conventional snare throwoff, as opposed to the parallel strainer system on the KB's. This snare is in excellent condition, I'd say 9/10 overall, and appears to be original with the exception of the batter head.