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Friday, December 23, 2011

Mahogany Monster

I've just finished this "rather large" snare - 8x14. It's built up on a "vintage style" mahogany shell - mahogany inner and outer plies, maple/ poplar inner core. The shell is 1/4" thick with10 ply rerings. Used a simple tung oil finish inside and out. 10 Ego lugs (they have "floating" swivel nut inserts - very nice lugs), Pearl S-020 "3 position" throw (Pearl installs them on their Dennis Chamber snares), Pearl wires (Pearl makes very good snare wires and they are low priced), and diecast rims (for now - may switch them out to triple flange hoops, I want to keep the diecasts for one of my personal projects that I'm just starting on a single ply steambent shell I've just received from Ego). Bottom hoop is a new Pearl Mastercast, top is used but VG.
UPDATE - sold March 4, 2012 (with new triple flange rims)